3v3: The Essence of Youth Soccer

Fast moving.  High scoring. Strategic and a lot of fun for all involved.  3v3 has got it all…

Soccer, the most popular game in the world, is just now coming of age in the U.S.  In nations across the globe, kids get together in lots and on narrow streets to play small sided games, much the way we play pickup basketball games and backyard football in America. These small-sided games enhance the players’ sense of the game and creativity. They naturally learn how to work successful combination passes in tight spaces.

While spontaneous street soccer games don’t happen as often in the U.S.,

here because the sport isn’t as popular. Soccer in America has made great strides in popularity and opportunity over the past decade, but we have yet to find our soccer identity through style of play the way most other countries have. We are not yet at the point where we can get a group of neighbors together to play a backyard pickup soccer game the way there are pickup basketball games and backyard football games. I believe as we progress into that stage we will begin to evolve into a creative, unpredictable soccer nation.

As a player- All soccer players want to compete, score goals, win games and have fun. The Super Soccer Shootout can guarantee you lots of fun and competition, however scoring goals and winning games is up to you!

No offside’s!

-It’s fast!

-High Scoring!

-High Intensity!

-Easy to form a team!


Players learn to use their skills in a different setting- often times we only play one or two different positions in full field soccer, 3v3 requires them to do and use everything. Attack and defend in transition, create combinations, make runs, possess the ball, defend players and spaces.

Game comes at you faster, forces quick play

Typical role players on full sided teams learn to be impact players
-Lots of touches/passing
-Develops quickness mentally
-No place to hide… a player on the field is actively defending or attacking at all times
-Develop tactical awareness in 2 and 3 man combinations
-Constant marking practice
-Team can practice on smaller field. More places to practice/play

For the Parents- Whether you’re an aspiring first time coach or the average soccer enthusiast, The Super Soccer Shootout is a great tournament which allows you to get or feel involved with the team. With smaller fields you are constantly close to the action.

Featured Content Photo credit:  Keith Nisly (Josiah’s dad, #22)

Team Photo credit:  U-6 coach & parent Randy Yoder

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